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Welcome to the Zinneke Parade website!

This site reflects the Brusselsí reality on a linguistic level : officially and organically bilingual. All essential information on the concept and the structure is presented in two or three languages. The language interviews and longer articles are written in depends of the authorís mothertongue. Most articles are followed by a short summary in English under the title 'What ?'

If you have questions or comments or if you want to know more about the Parade, please do not hesitate to contacting us by e-mail or through the discussionforum.

We wish you a great zinsession!

 A parade of and for the Bruxellois and all their friends...

Welcome to the Zinneke Parade, a parade of and for the Bruxellois and all their friends.

Zinneke was born in 2000 out of the programme of "Brussels, European Cultural City". Thanks to its great success and the enthusiastic response from the inhabitants, it has secured its well-deserved autonomy and can now continue on its own steam. Today, the Zinneke Parade is a healthy biennial event that has become inseparable from the Brusssels landscape and has helped to create a new cultural, urban and popular space.
The Zinneke event fits in seamlessly with the urban renewal policy of the Brussels Capital Region. Through the community work in the districts and municipalities, together with the cultural centres, theatres, youth centres, community centres and all kinds of associations, it is a catalyst for the creative dynamics of the people of Brussels and their partners. It is a long-term project. The Parade is the high point, but as such, it is only the tip of the iceberg, the result of a process in which contemporary artistic creation goes hand in hand with local creativity.
This year again, for the second edition, Zinnekes focus on synergies, on flows of energy that meet and enrich one another, on the realisation of joint projects and on diversity. In short, on Zinnergy ! The Zinnodes, as the workshops are known, have been hard at work for months, following a preparatory stage that lasted about a year and a half. As a street opera, the Zinneke Parade appeals to all artistic disciplines and crafts, so that everyone, whatever their origin, knowledge or skill, finds a place to fit their ambitions. Zinneke is created and supported by countless volunteers, who have all jointed forces to produce a fantastic Big Z Day : music and choreography, costumes and floats... And all without combustion engines or deafening amplified music.
As an artistic and social experiment, Zinneke wants to help combat inequality and stem the tide of hate on the basis of identity, combat racism and totalitarianism and counteract communautarian disputes. Zinneke wants to invite everyone to rediscover the pure taste of togetherness and to take a stand against all kinds of monsters and demons, all in a spirit of freedom and with a sense of humour. All of us are Zinnekes, of mixed descent, a touch chauvinistic but with an open mind, fun-loving people who are always ready and willing to throw a party together, respecting the Human Rights.
Whether you join us as a participant or as a spectator, it doesn't matter. You may well be on the other side next time. What matters is that the people who are out on the streets now have claimed the public space to tell their stories. They have worked hard at finding their appropriate means of expression and then at getting their creation just right. Yes, culture is for everyone, but it takes an effort. This parade on the 25th of May 2002 is the result of the hard work and wholehearted commitment of many, many people.
My sincere congratulations to all the participants. And may you all enjoy the parade !
                                          Marcel De Munnynck, Director

 Illu : Jean-Claude Salemi